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Tips & Training

Feeding Retrievers During the Hunting Season

Kinetic Staff Member and Upland Gundog Association President, Ryan Eder, discusses the feeding program he uses to keep his Retrievers in the game during the season.


Feeding Before and After a Hunt

Pro Staffer Steve Ries from Top Gun Kennel discusses feeding and hydration for your bird dogs before and after hunting.


Nutritional Needs for Puppies up to 24 Months

Pro Staffer Blake Wolf from Ringneck Kennels talks about feeding programs for puppies from weaning up to two years of age.


Why Your Working Dog Needs So Many Calories

Kinetic Pro Staff Member Bobby Roettger of Vohne Liche Kennels discusses the nutritional needs of working K-9s.


The Challenges of Feeding English Setters

Kinetic Pro Staff Member Wade Kisner discusses the challenges of feeding English Setters that hunt frequently as part of his professional upland guiding.