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Tips & Training

We Don't Let Dollars Trump Nutrition

Kinetic Co-Owner Dave Dourson talks about why performance, not dollars, is the primary driver in the formulation and development of Kinetic products.


The Nutrition Impact on Training & Developing Puppies

Kinetic Staff Member and North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA) President, Dan Hove, on the importance of nutrition for puppies in training.


Kinetic Now at Midwest Greyhound Supply

They Specialize in Kennel Delivery

Great news for kennel owners looking for bulk deliveries. We just added a new distributor for Kinetic and we wanted to spread the word. We welcome Midwest Greyhound Supply who proudly service kennel owners and independent pet food and feed retailers across more than 30 states.


Here are their contact details. Midwest Greyhound Supply

Midwest Greyhound Supply

713 Old Hwy 40

Abilene, KS 67410

Phone: 800-221-9552


To visit their website, go to



Feeding Retrievers During the Hunting Season

Kinetic Staff Member and Upland Gundog Association President, Ryan Eder, discusses the feeding program he uses to keep his Retrievers in the game during the season.


Feeding Before and After a Hunt

Pro Staffer Steve Ries from Top Gun Kennel discusses feeding and hydration for your bird dogs before and after hunting.