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Tailgate Health Checks After the Hunt

Kinetic Pro Staff Member Wade Kisner of Sweet Point Setters walks you through a post-hunt tailgate check for injury or irritation in your dogs.

The Challenges of Feeding English Setters

Kinetic Pro Staff Member Wade Kisner discusses the challenges of feeding English Setters that hunt frequently as part of his professional upland guiding.

Kinetic Partners with Sweet Points Setter Tales TV

Kinetic Sponsor of Setter Tales Web Series

Setter Tales Web TVWe’re proud to announce our latest sponsorship partner in the performance dog food arena. As a Kinetic advocate and promoter of bird dogs and upland hunting, Wade Kisner and the Setter Tales team are welcome new additions to the Kinetic team. Sweet Point’s Setter Tales web TV is a young but quickly growing media entity with fantastic production quality and great story lines.

“We love the quality of the Setter Tales program and all the people they bring to the table,” said Dave Dourson, Head of Sales and Co-Owner of Kinetic. “Their love of hunting and their passion for high performance dogs make Wade and the rest of the Sweet Point team a perfect fit for Kinetic.”

Setter Tales Program History

In 2014, Wade Kisner and his three sons launched the upland hunting web TV series, Sweet Point’s Setter Tales, a chronicle of daily life with his two English Setters, Sweet Lou and Adeline. This is truly a family project with son, Will, coordinating the camera crew and editing while Tyler and Travis appear on camera and provide hunt day coordination, dog management and story ideas. Using creative camera work, humor and unique story lines, Sweet Point’s Setter Tales hopes to entertain and encourage other families to build their own “Lasting Memories in the Field”. You can view episodes of Setter Tales on their Setter Tails YouTube Channel.

“We couldn’t be happier to bring on Kinetic as our Official Dog Food Sponsor,” added Wade Kisner, owner of Sweet Point Setters and Setter Tales TV. “After having issues with other foods for our very active dogs, we believe in the product having seen first hand how well it works in our kennel.”

About Wade Kisner & Sweet Point Setters

Wade Kisner of Setter Tales TVFor thirty two years Wade Kisner hunted Iowa’s most dangerous criminals before retiring as a special agent for the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. These days he hunts for fun with his gun dogs. Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Wade is the owner of Sweet Point Setters where he trains and raises master hunter quality English Setters using them to provide professional upland guiding services. For more information, visit Wade’s website at

English Springer Spaniel

How They Look

The English Springer Spaniel is a compact hunting dog with a coat that’s dense and wavy in black and white or liver and white patterns that often include ticking. Tri-color Springers can also be found with additional tan markings on the eyebrows and in the muzzle area. The tails are docked to a few inches on field lines.

How They Grow English Springer Spaniel Performance Dog

As a medium sized breed, the English Springer Spaniel has a moderate growth rate. The adult dog’s height usually ranges from 18 to 21 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders and weight usually ranges between 40 and 50 pounds.

How They Hunt

The Springer Spaniel is a close working flusher that will quarter in front of the hunter to flush upland game birds. They should stay within comfortable gun range and will retrieve to hand. The English Springer breed is commonly used for both upland and waterfowl hunting. They’re quick and agile hunters known for their stamina.

How They Behave

Typical Springer Spaniels are friendly and outgoing and usually do well in a family setting. They have a lot of energy and are an all-around athletic breed which enjoys companionship. They’re ready and willing workers with a playful nature so they’ll benefit from activity but make very good companions.

What to Feed

Although field line Springers run a little leaner, they generally hold their weight fairly well. We recommend starting on the Active 26K formula. You can then switch to the Power 30K formula if they struggle to maintain weight during heavy training, hunting or competition.

Kinetic Active 26K performance dog food

English Setter

How They Look

The English Setter is a large breed with a silky coat that’s generally long with feathering at the ears and tail and also on their underside. The base hair coat color is usually white with secondary colors including orange belton (speckling), blue (black) belton, liver belton and yellow belton. Tri-color belton are also found as blue belton dogs with tan markings on muzzle, eyes and legs. Tails are left at the full length and are very distinctive when hunting. Field bred lines generally vary quite a bit in appearance from show bred lines so are usually pretty easily differentiated.

How They Grow English Setter Performance Dogs

Being a large breed they are usually fairly fast growing. As adults, their height ranges from 23 to 27 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders and weight usually ranges between 45 and 75 pounds. Field lines show a definite tendency toward running lean so plenty of calories are generally required to maintain body condition.

How They Hunt

The English Setter is known for speed and athleticism and generally hunt quickly and efficiently. The breed was developed specifically for hunting upland birds and they’re considered a great combination of agility and stamina. English Setters typically have excellent noses and plenty of energy with the drive to cover a lot of ground.

How They Behave

English Setters are well known as a breed that produces lions in the field but lambs in the home. As a rule, they do very well in a home environment. They’re gentle and affectionate and usually easy to train with positive reinforcement. If you give them a fair amount of outdoor activity they’re generally pretty mellow and relaxed when indoors.

What to Feed

English Setters are another breed that’s well known to struggle to maintain weight rather than become overweight. We generally recommend starting on the Power 30K formula and possibly switching to the Ultra 32K formula if your dog really struggles to maintain weight during heavy training, hunting or competition.

Kinetic Power 30K performance dog food