Bobby RoettgerBobby Roettger

Director of Military Operations

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Denver, IN

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Bobby’s Bio:

Bobby served as a police officer for 9 years in Connersville, Indiana where he was a member of the K-9 unit working a Dual Purpose Narcotic dog on patrol and as a team leader for SWAT. Bobby is an NNDDA certifier, a graduate of VLK Trainers Course and has been a guest instructor for VLK across the United States since becoming a full time trainer in January 2004. Bobby has judged regional and national K-9 competitions and spent time in Afghanistan training Afghan handlers on VLK bomb dogs.

VLK trains more than 500 dogs per year for local, state, federal and private organizations to include the National Security Agency (NSA), Pentagon Police, U.S. State Department, U.S. Army, Los Angeles PD, Kansas City PD, Memphis PD, Honolulu PD, Phoenix PD, Reno PD, California Highway Patrol and over 500 total civilian and police agencies.