To support our many partners in the breeding world, Kinetic offers a Breeder Program to help promote their business and the Kinetic relationship. Following are our Breeder Program requirements, benefits and Online Registration Form.


  • Must be based in the United States
  • Must be directly involved in the breeding of dogs
  • Must provide ongoing care for at least two adult dogs
  • Must sell at least one litter of pups per year
  • Must feed and recommend Kinetic Performance Dog Food in your kennel
  • Must complete online Breeder Registration Form



Breeder Welcome Packet that includes:

  • 1 Puppy Packet
  • 1 Kinetic bumper sticker

Puppy Packets for each pup in future litters containing:

  • Puppy Packet folder
  • Kinetic Dog Food brochure
  • Kinetic Supplement brochure
  • Empty product sample bag

Puppy Packets for future litters can be requested using our online Request Form.

Please note that the Kinetic Breeder Program is intended for individual breeders and enthusiasts, not organizations such as rescue groups or animal shelters.

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