Daryl Thomas, Jr.Daryl Thomas Jr

Manager – Lonely Oak Plantation

Southern Bird Hunters Association

115 Wynn Dr

Albany, GA 31705

Phone: (229) 255-9347

Email: darylthomas87@gmail.com

About Daryl:

Daryl Thomas, Jr is a second-generation Professional Bird Dog trainer who manages a wild bird plantation in South Georgia and who competes, organizes and supports Field Trials.

Daryl works with several working Pointers, English Setters and English Cockers on a daily basis. He understands that a working dog must be healthy and happy to perform to the best of their ability. He’s found that Kinetic dog food not only helps provide a healthy coat, digestive system and muscle tone but also strongly helps increase the dogs’ endurance, which is extremely important in the field.

Daryl grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA on a pheasant preserve where his father trained, guided, handled and field trialed pointing dogs. Daryl and his family moved to South Georgia, “The Quail Hunting Capital of the World”, in 2002 in order to continue their work and success with bird dogs.

Daryl won his first Championship in 2012 with a dog named Neely’s New York. With that win came great recognition for being the youngest handler in that Championship. This led him to the realization that the sport of field trialing and bird hunting were at risk if the younger generation does not get involved. For the last 8 years, he has worked tirelessly to bring back the passion of bird dogs, bird hunting and field trialing to the younger generation through his children, support of trials and organizations, and helping anyone interested in getting involved in the sport; whether through the development of dogs or an invitation to join a hunt or field trial.