English Pointer

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How They Look

The English Pointer (aka Pointer) is a large breed with a smooth, short coat. Hair coat color is primarily white with liver, orange, black or lemon patches or speckles. They tend to run pretty lean but with a well muscled frame. Their tails are left full (not docked) and make them easy to spot when running the field or on point.

How They GrowEnglish Pointer Performance Dog

Being a large breed, Pointers will grow pretty quickly to a full height that usually ranges from 21 to 24 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders. As adults, weight usually ranges between 45 and 75 pounds although some field lines tend to run somewhat larger. As they will struggle to maintain weight you’ll want to make sure to keep pups well fed.

How They Hunt

In short, they’re a big running breed that are known for hunting hard. The Pointer is pretty tireless in the field and love to hunt with great range over large areas. They exhibit natural hunting instincts and tend to work well in the field with other dogs. Pointers are versatile hunting dogs but are considered better suited to upland hunting in warmer weather as their coats aren’t particularly thick or heavy to help them deal with the cold.

How They Behave

They’re loyal and will make very good companions provided you keep them active. While Pointers are affectionate and generally social, field bred lines are likely to become restless when kept as indoor pets unless exercised well and often.

What to Feed

Pointers are another breed that’s more likely to struggle to maintain weight than become overweight. We generally recommend starting on the Power 30K formula and possibly switching to the Ultra 32K formula if your dog really struggles to maintain weight during heavy training, hunting or competition.

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