English Springer Spaniel

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How They Look

The English Springer Spaniel is a compact hunting dog with a coat that’s dense and wavy in black and white or liver and white patterns that often include ticking. Tri-color Springers can also be found with additional tan markings on the eyebrows and in the muzzle area. The tails are docked to a few inches on field lines.

How They Grow English Springer Spaniel Performance Dog

As a medium sized breed, the English Springer Spaniel has a moderate growth rate. The adult dog’s height usually ranges from 18 to 21 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders and weight usually ranges between 40 and 50 pounds.

How They Hunt

The Springer Spaniel is a close working flusher that will quarter in front of the hunter to flush upland game birds. They should stay within comfortable gun range and will retrieve to hand. The English Springer breed is commonly used for both upland and waterfowl hunting. They’re quick and agile hunters known for their stamina.

How They Behave

Typical Springer Spaniels are friendly and outgoing and usually do well in a family setting. They have a lot of energy and are an all-around athletic breed which enjoys companionship. They’re ready and willing workers with a playful nature so they’ll benefit from activity but make very good companions.

What to Feed

Although field line Springers run a little leaner, they generally hold their weight fairly well. We recommend starting on the Active 26K formula. You can then switch to the Power 30K formula if they struggle to maintain weight during heavy training, hunting or competition.

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