Buy Kinetic from a Distributor

If you’d like to buy Kinetic directly from a distributor in bulk or for resale, we have some level of coverage all across the country. We’re also rapidly expanding our distribution coverage. Contact us at and we can get you set up with the best available option.

Hubbard Dealer Network

The full line of Kinetic dog food products is available for single bag or volume purchase through the Hubbard Feeds independent dealer network. To find the Hubbard dealer nearest you, please click this Hubbard Feeds link and search using your zip code.

While not all dealers stock Kinetic at this time, distribution continues to expand. Even if your Hubbard dealer does not currently stock Kinetic, they’re able to order Kinetic products in quantities as small as a single bag.

If you can’t find a dealer located near you and would like to purchase Kinetic elsewhere, please consider one of our other options.

Get Kinetic in Your Local Pet Food Store

If your preferred local independent pet store is in the service area for any one of our distributors, you can generally ask them to order it in for you. Most pet stores purchase from several distributors and there’s a good chance they currently or can buy from one of our partner distributors. You can request assistance in getting product in your local store by completing the short Local Dealer Request form.