Kinetic Dog Food Sponsors United Field Trialers of America

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National Sponsorship to support UFTA focus on high performance sporting dog competitions.

3-Amigos Nutrition Group, LLC, the makers of Kinetic Performance Dog Food, today announced a new sponsorship agreement with the United Field Trialers Association (UFTA). Effective immediately, Kinetic, a line of premium foods and supplements specifically formulated for active, working and sporting dogs, becomes the Official National Dog Food Sponsor of the UFTA.

“As an organization built around handlers who love hunting and competing with their dogs, we always try to find partners who share our enthusiasm,” said UFTA Vice-President, Brett Biel. “We see Kinetic as a partner that loves dogs and hunting like we do and can add a lot of value to our members and their hunting companions.”

The UFTA rules and objectives are pretty simple. With a twenty-minute time limit, competitors hunt a seven to twelve-acre field to point, flush and bag three birds. Each team is allowed six shells to bag the three birds, and the dogs must retrieve to within one step of the handler for full credit. Each shell used results in a deduction of points, as do any partial retrieves. Once the third bird is in the bag and the dog is leashed, time stops and two points are awarded for each minute remaining. Basically, the team that finds and harvests three birds the fastest with the fewest shells wins.

“There’s nothing we love more than watching quality dogs tear it up in the field and we have a number of our Pro Staff Team members who have competed in UFTA events for years,” added John Howard, Co-Owner of 3-Amigos. “We see the UFTA dedication to hunting dogs and handlers as a great fit with our company mission as well as our love of hunting and our own hunting dogs.”

Founded in 2001 by a dedicated group of field trialers and bird dog enthusiasts, the United Field Trialers Association provides a competitive venue for dog handlers who appreciate having a fair and consistent system for measuring their dogs’ performance. With headquarters in Commerce, Georgia, the UFTA organizes hundreds of pointing and flushing dog competitions throughout the United States that are scored, rather than judged, to fairly reward dogs and handlers who perform at consistently high levels. For more information about the UFTA, visit their website at

If you’d like to see the official press release, you can view it at Online PR News.

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