Kinetic™ Performance Dog Food becomes the Official Dog Food of NAHRA

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Platinum Sponsorship signals ongoing support and commitment to leaders in hunt test program

Cincinnati, OH, May 19, 2014 – 3 Amigos Nutrition Group, LLC, the makers of the Kinetic™ performance dog food line, today announced a new sponsorship agreement with the North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA). Effective immediately, Kinetic, a line of premium foods for active, working and sporting dogs, becomes a Platinum Sponsor and the Official Dog Food of NAHRA.

NAHRA Logo“We’re a program that produces a quality product in the form of the finest working retrievers in North America.  Performance nutrition is an essential part of our program,” said Frank Plewa, NAHRA President, “We partner with companies that we believe can help support our mission and grow our program and we believe the people at Kinetic™ are committed to us for the long term.”

Kinetic™ performance dog food products feature a full line of performance foods specifically developed to meet the dietary requirements of highly active working, sporting and competition dogs. Made without corn, wheat or soy, each of the four Kinetic™ formulas are created to meet the elevated requirements of extremely active dogs for energy, endurance, recovery and digestive health. In addition, all products in the Kinetic™line are made with a common ingredient profile to enable stress-free transitions from one formula to another during periods requiring higher or lower caloric intake.

“We have relationships with the NAHRA organization and its members at the local, regional and national levels that go back years,” added John Howard, Managing Principal for 3 Amigos. “The quality of the hunting and household companions they produce is second only to the quality of the people within the NAHRA organization. We’re excited about the relationship and proud to be associated with such high quality people who share our values and commitment to dogs and the sporting community.”

The North American Hunting Retriever Association was incorporated in 1984 and is the originator of developing standards to test retriever using realistic hunting scenarios. NAHRA field tests are realistic, simulated hunting scenarios, where dogs compete against a set of written standards with distances and conditions that hunters would encounter in the field.  NAHRA is the first organization dedicated to preserving the skills of a hunting retriever and supports hunting, gun, and retriever clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information about NAHRA, visit their website at

About 3 Amigos Nutrition Group, LLC

3 Amigos Nutrition Group is a limited liability company based in Cincinnati, Ohio that develops and markets animal health and nutrition products. After decades of experience with sporting dogs and other companion animals, providing products for animal health and nutrition is more a labor of love than work for 3 Amigos. Additional information on the Kinetic™performance dog food line can be found on their website at

SOURCE: 3 Amigos Nutrition Group, LLC

Kinetic Performance Dog Food Sponsors NAHRA

Dave Dourson (Kinetic), Dan Hove (NAHRA) and John Howard (Kinetic) sort out the details on the new sponsorship agreement.

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