Kinetic Performance Dog Food Sponsors American Pointing Labrador Association

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American Pointing Labrador Association
National Sponsorship to support organizational commitment to Labrador Retriever hunt testing

3-Amigos Nutrition Group, LLC, the makers of Kinetic Performance Dog Food, today announced a new sponsorship agreement with the American Pointing Labrador Association (APLA). Effective immediately, Kinetic, a line of premium foods and supplements specifically formulated for active, working and sporting dogs, becomes the Official National Dog Food Partner of the APLA.

“I’ve been familiar with the Kinetic team and their products for several years and we’re really pleased to welcome them as a sponsor,” said APLA Board Member, Shell Hodgson. “We feel this partnership will be a great way to help gain exposure for both the APLA and Kinetic.”

The Hunt Tests performed by the APLA are unique within the United States with regard to how they test Labrador Retrievers. They conduct more than twenty tests annually in multiple states across the US. The aim of the testing is to properly test a natural point in Labrador Retrievers in simulated field conditions as well as typical retriever land and water test series.

“We’re really excited as a company to partner with the APLA and support their mission. We’ve developed relationships with a number of members over recent years and we genuinely enjoy the sport and the people,” added John Howard, Co-Owner of 3-Amigos. “My Labs have APLA Hall of Fame bloodlines in their genetics, so Pointing Labs have been a personal interest of mine for nearly a decade.”

About the American Pointing Labrador Association

Founded in 1983, the American Pointing Labrador Association was established to identify, certify, and promote a strain of Labrador Retriever that points game as a natural act while retaining the Labrador’s traditional superior ability to retrieve game on land and in water.  For more information about the APLA, visit their website at

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