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Following are some testimonials received from people feeding Kinetic Performance Dog Food in their homes and kennels. If you’d like to add your testimonial, please visit our Send a Testimonial page and submit one. We’d love to hear from you.

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Cash Border CollieOur 1-year-old Border Collie Cash just didn’t have the energy or growth that would be expected of a young active dog! When he started Fly Ball Dog training we saw that he seemed to tire far too easily. We became concerned about potential cardiac issues. The first thing we did was address his diet.

After only 2 weeks on Kinetic Active Formula 26K the change was amazing! His coat is shinier he is filling out and gaining muscle and his energy level and exercise tolerance it greatly improved. He is focused, athletic and a much happier, healthier dog!

Thank You for helping us give Cash the Best!

Laine Berkeley – Moses Lake, WA
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Hi Def K9 UtahKinetic Dog food is by far the best food we’ve used. I have a very high drive 10 month old German Shepherd Explosive Detection K9 (training) and a Plott Hound Mix that is nearly 7 years old.
We’ve had them on Kinetic 30K since we got the German Shepherd last November. Their coats are beautiful, they are healthy, they always eat all their food, and the waste we pick up in the yard is minimal.

Cost is very comparable to other foods we’ve looked at, and because we don’t need to feed them the quantity of other foods, in the long run, it evens out.

We will continue to feed Kinetic as long as we have dogs!

Branden Loock – Owner, High Definition K9, LLC, Ogden, UT

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Officer Meece and K9 PedroAs a working K9 handler and trainer one of the biggest frustrations I’ve had over the years is what to feed my dog. Over the years I’ve fed my dogs some of the biggest and most respected dog food brands available and none of them really worked for my canine partners. From excessive itching and dull coats to ear infections to horrible stools and gas, not a single food resolved all of the issues. Now on my third canine partner, a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix named Pedro, I had resigned myself to simply selecting his food by the one that messed him up least.

All that changed in the summer of 2016 when I met Dave Dourson and he told me about a dog food I never heard of called Kinetic.  I explained my issues with Pedro and my history with different dog foods. Dave assured me that Kinetic could help Pedro reach his full potential. I was skeptical but he had my full attention. Dave got me a bag of Kinetic Power 30K and I put Kinetic to the test.  The results were truly impressive. His stools were solid, his coat looked like seal skin and his energy level was through the roof! Even in the dog days of August it seemed he never got tired during a track of a criminal suspect or a narcotic sweep of large areas.

Soon other handlers noticed the change in Pedro and wanted to know what my secret was. Since then word has spread like wildfire. Kinetic is now being used by more Police K9 teams in the Tri-State area (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana) than any other dog food. I get calls constantly from other handlers wanting more information on Kinetic based on results they’ve seen with other teams feeding this great product.

Officer Don Meece, K-9 Handler, Cincinnati Police Department

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Griffiths Black MagicWe’ve been feeding Kinetic Dog Food for about a year now and cannot begin to put into words the extreme transformation our dogs have seen since starting them on Kinetic.

Their coats, muscle, drive, stool, and all around well-being has improved!  Griffith’s Black Magic loves her Kinetic Ultra 32K blend.

Gabrielle Griffith, Griffith Retrievers, Baker, FL.

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K9 DonyAs an explosive detection dog handler my safety and the safety of others is based on my dog’s performance. I was previously using a very popular brand of dog food when my K-9 started having gastro-intestinal issues. After meeting the owners of Kinetic I was immediately impressed with their knowledge and strong desire to provide high performance food to working dogs. After switching my dog to Kinetic I’ve noticed a marked improvement in his performance and the GI problems are gone. This is the real deal!

Its great to see that there are still companies that provide a high quality product in the interest of helping others. I’ve been telling all the other handlers in my unit about my results. Thank you Kinetic and keep up the great work.

Andrew McAdams, Newburg, PA

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Alex Sego Bluetick CoonhoundsI started using Kinetic over a year ago now in my kennel. Within a week of feeding Kinetic I noticed a huge difference in all my dogs’ performance. The amount of energy and stamina that my dogs built was absolutely astonishing. I do a lot of competition hunts so my dogs need to stay in shape and healthy all year round. Feeding them Kinetic has given them the edge that they need to win in the woods and on the bench. The overall health of my dogs has increased. Their hair and coats are a lot healthier and the muscle it has helped my dogs develop is unreal. My dogs now have the ability to make that one last track and tree that gives them the edge that they need to win in the hunts. I have received numerous compliments from others at events and people are just amazed at how good my dogs look. I can only give one reason why they look so good…KINETIC!!!

Alex Sego, White Fox Creek Kennel, Webster City, IA

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Wade Kisner, the owner of Sweet Point Setters and I have been very good friends and work partners for years. He was telling me about Kinetic Dog Food and how well Sweeet Lou and Adeline were doing on Kinetic. He encourage me to try Kinetic on my two dogs, thirteen year old Pete and fourteen year old Sam. Pete is a yellow lab and Sam is a laso-chin mix. Sam has taken medication for years for his skin allergies and I noticed Pete’s decline in jumping ability and running for any distance. Wade suggested I try the Kinetic puppy food because of the age of both my dogs. I purchased my first bag of Kinetic Puppy food on 09-09-15 and followed the directions on the bag for the amounts to feed Pete 77 pounds and Sam 17 pounds. I noticed a change in both of my dogs about four weeks into the Kinetic program. Pete the Lab’s jumping ability has had a dramatic turnaround for the better and he no longer has a posterior limp after exercise. Pete’s coat has changed almost to a puppy like texture. Sam the Laso, does not have to take his medication any longer. My wife Anne says she has never seen Sam’s skin condition in better shape than it is now. At this time I do not have any good photos of my two guys but I will forward photos when I get them…..Keep up the good work guys. Great product, Kinetic Dog Food. Thanks again,

Robert J. Dolezal, Marion, IA

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Wade Kisner English SettersAs a professional guide, I hunt my English Setters extensively and have traditionally had a lot of trouble keeping weight on my male, Sweet Lou. Each year is a battle keeping him fit and healthy through the rigors of the hunting season. It’s made even more difficult by the fact that he’s always been indifferent to food and it’s a struggle to even get him to eat. This past season, I made the switch to Kinetic and have been amazed by the results. Not only does he hold his weight better and have a ton of energy, Lou now actually wants to eat! He’ll even sit at his empty bowl and give me a couple barks so I’ll feed him some more which is completely unheard of with this dog. After trying so many foods over the years, I never thought I’d find one that does what Kinetic does. For the hard to feed dog, there’s nothing like it for keeping on weight and getting a hunting dog recovered and ready to hunt day after day.

Wade Kisner, Sweet Point Setters, Cedar Rapids, IA

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Brittany Hunting DogI had been using another Premium dry food for my Brittany’s. I just got a new puppy, and she started to have loose stools, losing weight, just not doing well. I switched her over to Kinetic 32, and per the vet after test after test, took her totally off all medication, pending further tests. I have to wait two weeks before we can perform further tests. Low and behold her stools formed up, she started to put on weight, and she now looks great. She still is small for her age, 5 months, but is now growing and getting healthier and stronger. My other two Brits are on Kinetic 30, and will switch to 32 when the season comes around and they are working 3-4 days a week, plus training. This little girl was a pretty sad puppy until Kinetic came around, now she is ready to work, and running around like crazy….bird crazy that is. Here she is at 3 months.

Thanks Kinetic, you made a believer out of me.

Tom Fiumarello, T & J’s Brits, Xcel Sporting Clay Instruction, Poughkeepsie, NY

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Ike Labrador RetrieverJust wanted to drop a note expressing how our dog does so well on your product. Prior to learning of Kinetic at last years game fair, we struggled with our dog having some digestive issues. The biggest was him vomiting even on very short car rides, along with licking of the paws, being very gassy, and having runny stools. We had taken him into the vet were they ran a blood and stool sample (and found nothing) and it was thought that he was having separation anxieties that was causing him to have stomach problems.

After meeting with your guys it was thought that he was having an allergy to his current food. You took the time to look at the ingredients and show us that it might some of the grains causing these problems. After taking a few samples home and our dog trying them (and eating it up like crazy!) he improved tremendously. All of the symptoms have stopped and he (and us) couldn’t be happier!

Our dog is very energetic and maintains his weight on the 30K formula.

Ike (and his owner Cory) earned their started NAHRA title this past weekend. We can not wait to see what’s to come!

Heidi Haskamp, Isanti, MN

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Sagacious Kennel Dog Food TestimonialThe best decision I have made lately was when I started feeding Kinetic Performance Dog Food to my three adult Labrador retrievers. I made a gradual transition to 30K from another premium food and the end results were very noticeable. There was improvement in their coat, general appearance, eating habits including digestion, and energy levels all the while feeding a smaller amount.  Tank, who had a tendency to skip a meal once in a while, now doesn’t miss a meal. Hope is 13 years old and is doing great. Tank & Wily both earned their Master Hunter titles in September.  We are packing up, as I write this, to go hunting in Saskatchewan. We are taking our hopes and our dreams along with guns and enough Kinetic to get us there and back. Thank you for such a wonderful product. See ya in the field!

Harry Williams, Sagacious Kennel, Port Orchard, WA

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Dr Joe Grohs Dog Food TestimonialKimberly dropped off a bag of Kinetic Active 26K since Sunny is (was) eating Native #2. I’ve had problems with Native palatability and this week he refused it and I have had previous “severe” episodes this summer …long story but he had lost a very significant amount of weight and as a Veterinarian I tested for EVERYTHING and found no medical reason. I started him on the Kinetic and he ate it with a passion unlike I have ever seen before!  The flavor and kibble texture are definitely more desirable. I actually tasted both and noted a distinct difference in the flavor. The Kinetic actually is human palatable (could make a healthy trail mix to snack on while hunting! 🙂  Not the case with the Native.

Dr. Joe Grohs, DVM, Alaska Equine & Small Animal Hospital, Chugiak, AK

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Kinetic Dog Food TestimonialI wanted to share a quick note about my experience with your product. I switched my four year old female HR MHR Good Golly Miss Molly MH QAA to Kinetic Active formula in July after the NAHRA Invitational in Alaska. The transition to Kinetic was easy and we didn’t experience the digestive issues normally associated with changing to a new food. Since then we have enjoyed many hours of training, testing and fun. In August I had Molly artificially inseminated. Two weeks before she was due to deliver I switched her to Kinetic Puppy formula and on September 30th she delivered twelve beautiful babies, six males and six females. She is a wonderful mother and she is doing great feeding all of her pups and maintaining her weight. I will be weaning the litter on your puppy formula and I will keep you apprised of our progress. The Kinetic formulas I am using have exceeded all of my expectations. There is a lot of anticipation for this litter, among my friends and hunt test family, and I’m glad that Kinetic will be part of it.

Phil Hines, Prior Lake, MN

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Hunting Dog TestimonialMy name is Michael Moncada and I’m the owner and trainer at Bear Creek Kennels in Fairfax, Iowa. We’re a versatile kennel specializing in quality German Shorthaired Pointers and Labrador Retrievers. Our dogs have been placed all over the country for upland, waterfowl, fur and shed hunting, as well as placed in organizations for narcotics detections, bomb detection, bedbug detection and diabetic dogs work. With such diversity in what’s expected from our dogs, we have always searched for a food that could meet those needs. In Kinetic Dog Food, we’ve actually had our needs surpassed.

We started to feed the Puppy formula and the Performance 30K and Power 32K formulas to our adults and puppies here at the kennel in the fall of 2013. Right away we saw major improvements in a few important attributes of our dogs, such as performance in the field and faster recovery time, maximum absorption of the food, great stools and improved overall health and coat. We have many stories that would provide great testimony to this company and its quality food. None stick out more than with our dog KC (Lab) and her miraculous accomplishment this past April 2014.

KC had a litter March 2nd, but was qualified for the 2014 Nationals with the Upland Gundog Association in Grinnell, Iowa. With that short time frame, KC weaned off her pups and had 2 weeks to prepare. Needless to say we had low expectations, only wanting to have her in ok shape day of the event. For 2 weeks we ran KC on birds trying to get her in shape, keeping an eye on her mammaries to ensure they were not getting torn up from the field. On the day of the event, KC looked amazing. She had started to put on weight but had very defined muscles and was sharp, ready to go. We ran her in the 1st of 2 runs, in which she was in 2nd place at the end. I was amazed! Couldn’t believe she had done so well, covered ground perfectly and never let up. The final run of the day was ours, as the sun was trying to set we put up a time low enough to take 1st, crowing our 1st National Champion ever! We couldn’t be more proud.

I’ve trained and bred dogs for almost a decade, fed many foods throughout our career here at BCK. I can honestly say, that the days leading up to this event, provided enough time to give proper nutrition from feeding Kinetic 32 to KC which ultimately produced us a National Title. KC is not the only dog we’ve titled or had amazing success with in the field. We have dozens more of our dogs and client dogs that have experienced the same results. Top performing gundogs and family companions.

In my opinion, Kinetic Dog Food is the best on the market today. Truly Superior Nutrition. I wouldn’t feed anything else to our kennel. We love our dogs, they are our family. And we wouldn’t settle for anything less. Thank you John and to all the guys at Kinetic that have made such a fantastic product. We will see you in the field!

Michael D. Moncada, Bear Creek Kennels, Fairfax, IA

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Kinetic Dog Food TestimonialBetween judging field events, training retrievers and hunting upland and waterfowl birds, I am fortunate enough to see several sporting dogs in action.  Whether a dog is competing, hunting or training, they cannot reach their highest level of performance nor individual health without the highest level of nutrition.  These dogs are athletes, and not only need fuel to perform but also proper nutrients to recover and do it again the next day!  In my experience, success in the field and the highest level of nutrition are no coincidence, they go hand-in-hand.  The Kinetic Power 30K Formula has worked excellent for so many of the hunting and competition dogs I see, as well as my own personal dogs, that I would not recommend anything else.

Ryan Eder, Owner, Southfork Retrievers, Trevor, WI

Pro Staff – Avery Outdoors, D.T. Systems

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Echo Hill Kennel Dog Food TestimonialWhen looking for a quality dog food, ingredients that go into the product are very important to us as well as the performance we received from feeding it. We have fed many different brands of dog food over the years and have finally found one that meets are demands. We’re having great results with the Kinetic Active 26K and Kinetic Power 30K formulas.

Being a German Shorthaired Pointer breeder and a professional upland hunting guide in Iowa, we demand top performance out of our canine athletes day after day.  This is especially important during the cold winter days when our German Shorthairs are required to perform multiple days in a row, resulting in a need for a dog food that can supply the necessary nutrients to meet this demanding schedule. Kinetic Performance Dog Food has met this challenge for us in every way possible.

Blake Boyer, Echo Hill Kennel, Cedar Rapids, IA

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Being fortunate enough to win the 2015 Huntin’ Buddy Photo Contest sponsored by Outdoor News and Kinetic Performance dog food, I received as part of Kinetics sponsorship of the contest, a one year supply of the dog food.

Brian Chrast and RexWithout knowing a lot about Kinetic prior to attending Game Fair, I now had the perfect opportunity to learn more about their dog food, and meet with the people behind the Kinetic name. This is when I got to see for myself how dedicated these people are to producing a top quality dog food.

After using Kinetic throughout the year and fall hunting season, I now consider this to be “One Great Dog Food”, that consistently delivers the kind of nutrition and energy levels that every hunting dog needs to take to the field in order to be successful!

My hunting dog Rex and I hunted many long days, with many of those days under some very harsh weather conditions. Everyday afield Rex got a very extensive workout, and showed no sign of slowing down. Working harder than ever to get his birds.

Even when Rex did experience a minor injury involving a sore back leg, we had very little down time to contend with because he recovered so quickly. Which I truly believe is a direct result from being on a diet of Kinetic Performance dog food.

It’s a dog food he enjoys eating until it’s all gone every time I feed him. He’s fit, trim, healthy and looks Great! As a hunting dog owner I always wanted to be sure that I was feeding my dog the very best. Now I can finally rest assured now that I am with Kinetic.


Another Loyal Customer

Brian Chrast & Rex, 2015 Huntin’ Buddy Winners, Silver Lake, MN

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Lance Mackey Iditarod ChampionI have been fortunate enough in my career to test and feed the top foods in the sport of Sled Dog Racing. I learned about Kinetic Dog Food in May 2014 and introduced it to my kennel on a trial basis in September. In the morning, I fed their normal kibble and in the evening I fed Kinetic. After the first day of this, the dogs did not want to eat their morning food and devoured the evening meal. They told me; they like Kinetic. The only concern I had was the dogs were not eating all of their food but then that is not uncommon when introducing new kibble. What I did see right away, they were training just as hard and gaining weight! Bonus! They like the food and it takes less to maintain them! Double bonus!! Kinetic is a great food. My dogs are happy with it which means I am happy feeding it.

Lance Mackey, Lance Mackey’s Comeback Kennel, Fairbanks, AK

4 Time winner of both the Iditarod and the Yukon Quest

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