Why DHA is Good for Dogs

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What is DHA?

DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is a natural omega-3 fatty acid found and used throughout your dog’s body. It’s concentrated most heavily in the brain and retina where it makes up around 90% of the omega-3 fats. It’s also a key component in the muscles of the heart.

Is it Good for Dogs?

DHA Good for DogsThere have been many studies showing that dogs, and many other mammals like humans, benefit from an adequate supply of DHA. DHA is an essential building block in the development and maintenance of healthy hearts, eyes and brains. DHA has also been found to support a healthy nervous system. It’s considered particularly important in the healthy development of puppies.

Where Does DHA Come From?

For puppies, the primary source of DHA is from their mother’s milk. DHA can also be sourced from certain food components including fish meals, fish oils, eggs and some vegetable sources. Fish meals and oils are generally considered the best sources of DHA in dog food.

Does Kinetic Dog Food Have DHA?

Every Kinetic formula includes DHA that is sourced naturally from high quality menhaden fish meal and fish oil. Our puppy formula also includes elevated levels of DHA to support healthy development of your pup’s brain, eyes and heart.

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