Boosting Your Retriever's Energy with Kinetic Performance Dog Food

Boosting Your Retriever's Energy with Kinetic Performance Dog Food

As robust, energetic breeds, Retrievers require a specific diet to thrive, particularly during hunting season. Their high-energy lifestyle necessitates nutrient-dense dog food that fulfills their unique dietary needs.

Kinetic Dog Food, formulated by nutrition professionals, celebrates the natural athleticism of your canine companions. Our Performance Dog Food offerings cater to Retrievers' needs, with a blend of ingredients optimized for energy output and recovery.

Kinetic Performance 30K Formula, our flagship product, is a nutrient-dense choice for Retrievers. Composed of 20% grain and fat proportion, it offers a high-protein mix rife with chicken meal, chicken by-product meal, ground corn, and ground wheat. This formula ensures that your Retrievers have enough energy for hunting and other strenuous activities.

Remember, transitioning to a new food should always be gradual. For Retrievers transitioning to a Kinetic diet, we recommend introducing our food over at least 7-10 days. Begin by feeding 25% Kinetic and 75% old food, gradually increasing the percentage of Kinetic over time.

Remember to monitor your dog's weight and adjust feed amounts as needed. Overfeeding leads to obesity, a serious health issue for Retrievers. Equally, underfeeding can leave your dog malnourished and underperforming.

At Kinetic Dog Food, we're committed to your dogs’ health and performance. Trust us to provide the nutrition that supports their energy levels and overall wellness throughout the hunting season and beyond.