Inspired by America's most decorated canine.

In 2014, K9 Hurricane neutralized an intruder on the White House lawn earning him the USSS Award for Merit, the DHS Award for Valor, and the Animal Medical Center’s Top Dog title.

He made history as the first US dog to receive the PDSA Order of Merit and the Animals in War and Peace Distinguished Service Medal, landing him in Guinness Book of World Records in 2023.

Despite retiring early due to the incident, his commitment to service has persisted. Hurricane and his handler, Marshall, founded K9 Hurricane’s Heroes, a nonprofit providing veterinary care for retired K9s nationwide with the hope of ensuring these heroes live long and healthy lives.

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Hurricane's Story

When working K9s retire, their handler most often assumes responsibility. After years of physically demanding work, many of these K9s have heightened medical requirements which creates undue financial burden.

Hurricane's Heroes provides financial support to retired K9s that have dedicated their lives to protecting us. The foundation has subsidized medical care for over 136 dogs, enriching the life of the K9 and their families.

While Hurricane's Heroes foundation is making a HUGE impact, the reality is that there are thousands of heroes that do not get assistance. We all have have a responsibility to these K9s for their sacrifice and unwavering loyalty.

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Kinetic is proud to launch Hurricane Bites in honor of K9 Hurricane and everything he, his family, and his foundation stand for. Profits for this treat, from now until forever, will support K9 Heroes.

Hurricane's Hip Procedure