Nutrition Matters.

Especially for Canine Athletes

Built From the Ground Up.

The story of Kinetic Dog Food is simple. In 2011, there was (and still is) a glaring gap in the industry between existing formulas and optimal canine nutrition. Kinetic was launched to fill that gap and elevate the everyday active, sporting, and working dog market.

Why Kinetic?

Nutritional Impact

Click the dots to discover the benefits of Kinetic and understand the how key elements of our formula impact fundamental health of your active canine.

Bone and Muscle Strength

All Kinetic formulas include 3 concentrated animal protein sources and chelated minerals to increase absorption. Maximum concentration and absorption supports strong bones and lean muscle.

Challenges Addressed: Can't Gain Weight, Can't Maintain Weight, Poor Performance, Visible Ribs and Hips

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Elevated Fitness and Rapid Recovery

In addition to an industry leading macro/micro nutrient profile, Kinetic includes electrolytes and a proprietary form of selenium that increases bioavailability to support heart health, fast recovery, elevated endurance, and a powerful immune system.

Challenges Addressed: Poor Recovery, Lacking Endurance, Poor Performance

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Clean Energy

Every formula is a high calorie, nutrient dense diet, devoid of fillers, that provides the highest level of sustainable and absorbable energy for your dog.

Challenges Addressed: Low Energy, Low Drive, Stress, Anxiety

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Durable Paws and Pads

Kinetic has a robust vitamin and trace mineral package to support overall paw health and it does not contain grains like corn, wheat, and soy that are linked with allergies.

Challenges Addressed: Yeast in Paws, Brittle Nails, Licking Paws, Scratching

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Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat

Kinetic contains elevated levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, at proper ratios, to support anti-inflammatory response, skin health, and cellular function.

Challenges Addressed: Dander, Dull Coat, Shedding, Hot Spots, Scratching

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Digestive Wellness

Kinetic features a special blend of digestible fiber and prebiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome. There are no hard to digest fillers. Kinetic’s concentrated nutrition profile requires less volume, which makes it easier to digest.

Challenges Addressed: Red Irritated Belly, Bloating, Diarrhea/Constipation

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Dog Food Education

Industry Truth

Nutrient sources are measured by precooked weight. Big brands manipulate claims by using nutrient sources with high water content. This inflates the actual percentage of hard-to-digest fillers, with low nutritional value, requiring dogs to eat more.

No Fillers, No Games.

At Kinetic, we prioritize delivering more nutrients with less volume – good for both your dog and your wallet. Years were spent with the best breeders, kennels, trainers, and nutritionists in the world developing, testing, and refining the Kinetic formulas. The sole purpose was to provide the most concentrated, digestible, and absorbable nutrition to help dogs live their best life.

Why to pay attention to Digestibility and Absorption?

...of canine energy requirements in a dog are for the gut.

...of the immune system functions through gut tissue.

...of canine diseases can be traced back to gut health.

A Strategic Choice

Every Ingredient has a Purpose

Every ingredient within our formulations are carefully selected to fulfill a distinct role. Click below to take a deeper dive into our macro and micro nutrients.

Nutrition Encyclopedia

Our Nutrition Partners are the Best in the Industry

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Consumer Supply is an industry staple in animal food manufacturing, prioritizing quality and adhering to stringent standards for nutrition.

Consumers Supply

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