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Fuel Your Athlete

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Fuel Your Athlete
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Is your Dog an Athlete?

The nutritional needs of exceptional dogs cannot be met with average food. Kinetic's line of premium dry food and supplements provides clean, sustainable energy for everyday active, sporting, and working dogs.

Run farther, run faster, and run longer with Kinetic.

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Nutrition Matters

Quality nutrition builds a strong foundation for a dogs overall health ensuring they thrive in every aspect of their active life. Click below to delve into the science behind Kinetic.

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Dry Food

Full dog food line ranging from lightly active to high energy formulations that cater to a dogs varying activity levels.

Want an extra boost?


Performance enhancing dog supplement line that supports diverse health needs and stages of life.

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Listen to What our Customers Have to Say.


After only 2 weeks on Kinetic Active Formula 26K the change was amazing! His coat is shinier, he is filling out and gaining muscle and his energy level is greatly improved.

Laine Berkeley

Moses Lake, WA


We cannot begin to put into words the extreme transformation our dogs have seen since starting them on Kinetic. Their coats, muscle, drive, stool, and all around well-being has improved!

Gabrielle Griffith

Baker, FL


After switching to Kinetic I’ve seen a marked improvement performance and GI problems are gone. This is the real deal! It's great to see that there are still companies that provide a high quality product in the interest of helping others.

Andrew McAdams

Newburg, PA


This past season, I made the switch to Kinetic and have been amazed by the results. Not only does he hold his weight better and have a ton of energy, Lou now actually wants to eat!

Wade Kisner

Cedar Rapids, IA


They like the food and it takes less to maintain them! Double bonus!! Kinetic is a great food. My dogs are happy with it which means I am happy feeding it.

Lance Mackey

Fairbanks, AK

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Our family-owned business stands behind heroes in law enforcement and the military, offering the utmost support with every purchase.

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Kinetic Fuels The Canines Protecting Our Country.