The ultimate performance nutrition for working and sporting dogs.

Kinetic Performance Dog Food Products

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A Focus on Performance

The story on Kinetic performance dog food is pretty simple. We wanted to make a better premium dog food for the dogs that need it the most. Our goal is to give every working and sporting dog a higher energy level, better performance and better overall health through superior nutrition. So we formulated a line of food based on what we consider to be the optimum profile of a performance dog.

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Backed by Years of Research

Kinetic is not our first effort in performance dog nutrition and we didn’t do it alone. We’ve spent years developing the Kinetic formulas and we consulted with the best in the performance dog world including breeders, kennels, trainers and nutritionists. You won’t find any wasted ingredients or fillers in our products. Kinetic is formulated with the sole purpose of providing the best concentrated nutrition to help dogs hold up under the stress and pounding of working, training, hunting and competition.

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Feed Less…Get More

You shouldn’t have to feed your dog several pounds of dog food per day to keep the weight on and your dog shouldn’t have to process that much food to stay in the game. Getting more energy and nutrients into your dog with less volume and fillers helps you both. We believe Kinetic is the finest performance dog food on the market and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree once you give it a try and see the difference it makes in your dogs.