Decoding Dog Food Labels: Unpacking Meat Sources in Kinetic Dog Food

Decoding Dog Food Labels: Unpacking Meat Sources in Kinetic Dog Food

If you're in pursuit of high-quality food to nourish your canine companion, understanding dog food meat labels can be tricky. Here at Kinetic Dog Food, we promote transparency and aim to ensure you always know what's in your pup's bowl.

First, the term 'meat' generally encompasses various tissues from an array of mammals or poultry. Among the common proteins found in dog diets include beef, chicken, or lamb. A label stating 'meat' alone, without specifying the source could refer to any of these protein counterparts.

'Meat meal' is a concentrated protein source. The meat is cooked and dried to eliminate moisture, resulting in a type of protein-rich powder. Such meals typically don’t contain by-products unless specified.

On the other hand, 'meat and bone meal' is a combination of animal tissue and crushed bones, further cooked to remove moisture and fat. It’s a high-calcium, high-phosphorus dietary inclusion.

The 'meat by-products' label includes non-rendered clean parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. However, it doesn’t include hair, horns, teeth, or hooves.

At Kinetic, our food formulations are inspired by the fact that dogs are natural carnivores. Thus, we prioritize whole meat as the primary protein source in all our formulations to ensure your pooch gets all the essential nutrients beneficial for their growth and energy. All Kinetic Dog Food contains a special combination of proteins, fats, and fibers resulting in a nutritionally packed meal fit for champions!