Working Aussies Homestead

Josh & Jordyn Kelly


Josh, Jordyn and Scout Kelly started a small homestead on their 1.24-acre property outside of Dunn, NC in late summer of 2019. Their love for Australian Shepherds began a few years prior when they added their first two to their family in 2016. They started a small breeding program and as their love of these dogs grew, so did their pack. They now have 8 Aussies ranging from the ages of 7 years to just a few months. In 2021, Jordyn began training in herding with one of their females, Rey. She attended their first herding trial that December and has added a few more titles as her goal is go after her WTCH (Working Trial Champion) title. They plan to continue trialing once Scout is a little older as she was born in December 2022, in the meantime, however, they have plenty to practice with at home. Their recent keeper pup has a future in working sheep and cattle, a process they plan to capture and share on their YouTube Channel.

They use their Australian Shepherds on a daily basis to rotational graze their livestock which includes chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats and sheep. Two of their dogs are rescues, born deaf with some vision impairment but you wouldn’t know the difference as the instinct is still there to help with moving the livestock.

They specialize in raising dogs who are capable and willing to do anything their handler asks. They have puppies in homes across the United States as working service dogs, family companions, hiking enthusiasts, working stock dogs, tracking, and dog sport athletes. The Australian Shepherd is meant to be a versatile breed and the Kelly’s love that aspect most about the dogs they raise.

Their goal for the homestead is to not only raise the best food for themselves, but also to help educate on the benefit of having a working herding dog and the importance of knowing how your food is raised. The Kelly’s do this by traveling across the country as speakers and vendors at events like the Homesteaders of America conference held in Front Royal, Virginia.