Team Kinetic


As part of our commitment to performance dogs, Kinetic enjoys partnerships with a number of knowledgeable and influential people and teams in the dog world. We thank them for their support and we encourage you to contact them and enjoy the benefits of their services and expertise in their area of performance.

Pro Staff

Our Pro Staffers are professional breeders, trainers, kennel owners and handlers that support Kinetic marketing efforts as high level professionals through advocacy and participation in events and competitive activities.

Scott Lambert

National Bird Dog Circuit

Mike Marsch

DogDaze Kennel & USFSS

Jacob Jump

Whiskey City Kennels

Ken Licklider

Vohne Liche Kennels

Danny Parker

Vohne Liche Kennels

Don Meece

Cincinnati Police Department

Justin Rie

Off Leash K9 Training & Mutt 22

Rusty Radona

Ike Loa Canine

Alisha Tomac

Tomac Pack

Brent & Ally Strother

Rustic Lodge Gun Dogs

Ben & Gabrielle Griffith

Griffith Retrievers

Randy Hilligus

Magic Valley Pointers

Terry Chastain, Jr.

Land Manager & Pro Trainer

Nathan Hilligus

Magic Valley Pointers

Bob Vorwerk Jr.

Go Bird Retrievers

John Haugland

Go Bird Retrievers

Jacob Robinson

Off Leash K9 Training

Travis Wells

National Bird Dog Circuit

Branden Loock

High Definition K9, LLC

Dave Sullivan

Team OBX Squirrel Hunting

Brett Schwalb

Rustic Lodge Gundogs

Kris Morrill

Revolutionary Canine

Josh & Jordyn Kelly

Working Aussies Homestead

Josh Douglas

Young Guns Black and Tans

Field Staff

Our Field Staffers are amateur breeders, trainers, kennel owners and handlers that support Kinetic marketing efforts through advocacy and participation in local and regional events and competitive activities.

Tony Petrea

Bird Dog Mafia

Brandon Weathers

Bird Dog Mafia

Seth Lothspeich

Team Silver Roosterz

Paul & Michelle Demler

Team Triple Threat GSPs

Paul Agranoff

Four Points Retriever Club

Andrew Quintana

AKC & HRC Hunt Tests & Field Trials

Team Staff

Our Team Staff members are active breeders, trainers, competitors and kennel owners who help represent Kinetic in their realm of influence.  They are officers or members within sponsored events and organizations.

Shell Hodgson

American Pointing Labrador Association

Lily Lo

American Pointing Labrador Association

Hall of Fame

This is to honor the memory of amazing trainers and friends of Kinetic who are gone from us but will never be forgotten. We’re sure they’re waiting on the other side with the many beloved dogs who crossed the rainbow bridge before them.

Dan Hove

North American Hunting Retriever Association

Jim Manson

Stillwater Kennels
Special Advisor

General William M. Fraser III

United States Air Force (ret.)