Formulated for Performance

We formulated the Kinetic performance dog food line based on what we consider to be the optimum profile of a performance dog. While performance can mean different things for different dogs, there are a number of key health areas that hold true almost universally. Following are what we considered to be some of the most important attributes and what we did to address them in our formulations.

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High Energy

Each Kinetic formula is a high calorie, nutrient dense diet to provide your dog with high levels of sustainable energy with low volumes of food required. Each Kinetic product is specially formulated to keep your dog energized and ready to stay in motion longer to reach his performance potential.

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Rapid Recovery

During the season your dog can’t always take time off to recover from heavy exercise. That’s why Kinetic includes a proprietary mix of trace minerals and electrolytes to support fast recovery. Keep him fed and well hydrated and your dog can go hard all day and be ready to go again tomorrow.

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Elevated Fitness

Performance dogs function better on a diet with a broad amino acid profile rich in highly digestible protein and fat. With chicken, fish & egg proteins and three rich fat sources, Kinetic is formulated to build lean, healthy muscle and provide the fuel for strength and endurance.

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Healthy Digestion

Kinetic has a special blend of digestible fiber plus prebiotics to help maintain a healthy gut environment. Plus, all Kinetic formulas are made with the same ingredients so you can switch from one to the next with no digestive upset when your dog is more active and needs the extra energy.

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Durable Paws & Pads

A dog’s paws take a pounding and the healing process can leave him out of the hunt so keeping paws healthy is a must. We eliminated grains most often linked with paw allergies and irritation, like corn, wheat and soy, and created the best vitamin and trace mineral package on the market.

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Healthy Skin & Coat

Your dog’s first level of protection against the elements is a full, shiny coat and healthy skin. With elevated levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids and ratios of less than 4:1, all Kinetic formulas provide a strong foundation for building and maintaining healthy skin and a rugged, durable coat.

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