3-Amigos Nutrition Group

The Kinetic Performance Dog Food brand is owned by 3-Amigos Nutrition Group, LLC, and based in Cincinnati, OH. 3-Amigos was founded by Co-Owners David Dourson and John Howard on the love of dogs and the people who own, train and handle them. Here are a few of our staff that are generally out and about. If you see them, be sure to say hi and tell them about your dogs!

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Dave Dourson Kinetic Owner

Dave Dourson

Top Dog, Sales & Distribution

Dave travels a lot and likes to borrow dogs from other people to take company photos. Thanks, Jimmy.

Debbie Dourson Kinetic Dog Food

Debbie Dourson

Executive, Strategic Accounts

Debbie found out we didn’t keep the booth stocked with gin and tonics so she brings her dog named Tanqueray.

Jolene Howard Kinetic Performance Dog Food

Jolene Howard

Executive, Strategic Accounts

Jolene brings home two puppies at a time and got into dock diving to dedicate  even more disposable income to dogs .

John Howard Kinetic Owner

John Howard

Top Dog, Marketing & Nutrition

John likes to dress in orange, hang out in fields and try to make all his dogs look at the camera at the same time.

Eric Byrd Kinetic Dog Food

Eric Byrd

National Channel Manager

Eric trains and trials English Pointers because he wants to find every quail even if they’re four counties away.

Karl Metzler Kinetic Dog Food

Karl Metzler

National Media Director

Karl is always behind the camera so he didn’t have a picture of himself with his dogs. How about a horse instead?