High Definition K9

Branden Loock



Branden first started working K9’s in 2009 with his County Search and Rescue Group. His first K9, Sasha, spent 5 years working cadaver, and air scent searches. From 2015‐2019, he worked with a local kennel training and certifying hundreds of K9’s for Law Enforcement including detection for Explosives, Narcotics, Wildlife, Evidence Recovery, Search and Rescue, as well as apprehension patrol dogs.

In 2019, Branden opened his own company, High Definition K9, and certified his German Shepherd, Leara, in explosives detection in July of 2020. In November of 2021, he recertified with DrugBeat K9 and International Casino Resort Working Dog Association. He is currently training various dogs in Narcotics, Explosives, Bedbug Detection, as well as sport nose work with AKC/UKC/NACSW scents preparing handlers to compete with their K9’s.

He has recently been named as a Certifying Official for the International Casino & Resort Working Dog Association (ICRWDA) based out of Las Vegas. Working with various event locations in the Salt Lake City area, we provide explosive sweeps for concerts, gala events, etc., as well as working K9 Security for conferences and conventions in Las Vegas and California. Experience includes music festivals, SEMA Car Show, CES Convention and NFL Sporting Events.

After a very successful breeding of his dog Leara in 2021, two of the puppies, Toretto and Cypher, Branden will be competing in Protection Sports (PSA) In addition, he will begin NADD Dock Diving competition with Cypher starting in 2022.