Whiskey City Kennels

Jacob Jump



Jacob’s passion for training dogs started as a child with beagle hounds and rabbit hunting. This passion quickly grew to working and training dogs. Jacob has bred, trained, and competed with dogs in AKC field trials, PKC/UKC/ NKC, OMCBA, USDR squirrel/coon competition. Jacob has had experience with just about every dog you can hunt with in Indiana. He has earned a high level of respect throughout the country being involved in this hobby/lifestyle.

On top of that, Jacob is a 19 year police officer in the State of Indiana and has been a K9 handler and trainer for 15 plus years. Jacob has a vast amount of K9 training experience and is sought out in the area to assist in K9 procurement and training in narcotics and patrol areas. Jacob a DLE (Dogs for Law Enforcement) Master trainer himself, has trained with some of the top K-9 trainers in the country and is always willing to learn from others in the dog world. Jacob also renders obedience training for the general public through many avenues across the country multiple times per year. With extensive 35 years of dog knowledge and networking throughout the K-9 community in both hunting and working dogs Jacob can feed any brand he chooses and he chooses Kinetic.