Young Guns Black and Tans

Josh Douglas


Josh's dedication to hunting started out at a young age when he began rabbit hunting with his dad and Uncle. At 14 years of age, he was introduced to Coon Hunting, and it quickly became a passion which turned into an obsession. This obsession coupled with his competitive spirit drives him to compete in hunts across many different states. It has become a family affair as he is accompanied by his older son and father on many competition hunts. Josh has competed with and maintains a professional relationship with many UKC and PKC members in the sport. This has fostered lifelong relationships in a close-knit community with likeminded hunters in the coon hunting community.

Josh started using Kinetic when his dogs were not performing or keeping weight on as well as he would have liked them to. He is very committed to training his dogs and spends endless hours with them, keeping them in tiptop shape. Kinetic became a staple in his kennel when he noticed the immediate difference after making the switch. His dogs' skin was healthier, their coats were shinier, and they were able to build more muscle mass than before. Of any of the dog foods Josh had tried, Kinetic outperformed them all and he continues to promote the brand during competition hunts.