Paul & Michelle Demler


Michelle grew up on a farm, loving animals all her life and Paul worked on farms when he was younger. They both remain very active people with Michelle running her own business and Paul working out of the home. In their free time they enjoy the outdoors, Paul doing RC racing all over the United States and, of course, lots of Dock Diving.

They started Dock Diving in the Spring of 2018 with Gunner and have never looked back. After having their first litter that year, they received Titan and he joined Gunner in jumping in 2019. They both proceeded to make it all the way to Nationals that year. In 2020 they received Zion, Titan’s brother, and got him started in Dock Diving as well. All three dogs continue to compete at a very high level, most recently at NADD Regionals in 2021.