Team Silver Roosterz

Seth Lothspeich


Seth has lived and hunted Big Game, Waterfowl, and Upland in North Dakota his whole life. Learning to adapt to drastic weather changes thru the course of a hunting season is just what they do. His first dog Crosby is a 4-year-old pointing Yellow Labrador Retriever. Together, he and his half-brother, Mac (2), absolutely live for roaming the big open prairies searching for pheasant. For Seth, creeping up behind a perfectly locked up Lab is something that never gets old.

His off-season hobby of Dock Diving has taken the team to new levels, especially as a handler/trainer. Crosby was honored by DockDogs this fall for his summer 2020 accomplishments which included the #1 Elite Big Air Dog in the World as well finishing as #3 Big Air Labrador in the World plus a top 50 finish in Speed Retrieve.

In his early years growing up, playing hockey was the life in North Dakota. Unfortunately, there was no time for pet companions, but the traits learned playing team sports remain special still today. Crosby and Mac compete day in day out and Seth has all he can do to keep up and with training a DockDog champion, the pressure on his shoulders when Crosby starts his 40 foot approach best compares to hovering over a rooster point. With a robust feeding and training regimen, his dogs are second to none at any Pheasant Ranch and fellow hunters appreciate how they work the field. Even on docks in 100 degree days in the middle of summer, Crosby only seems to get stronger as the tournament day carries on.

He hopes to see you in the Field and on the Dock.