Team Silver Roosterz

Seth Lothspeich


Seth has lived in North Dakota his entire life and absolutely lives for hunting upland and waterfowl across the big vast prairies in the upper Midwest along with his Pointing Yellow Labrador team Crosby (7) and Mac (5).

Starting in the summer of 2019, Seth and Crosby dedicated some time to another hobby DockDiving, seeing some great success early, combined countless practice hours at the local lake boat dock and there own training carpets, Seth seen enough potential and drive from Crosby to go full time! Through all the sore backs, sweat and tears Crosby and Seth have matured together to form an in-separable bond combining trust and teamwork on the 36' Big Air Dock.

Together Seth, Crosby, Mac, and Seth's father Mark travel thousands of miles across the country each summer competing in Big Air Pro Finals. With the rigorous demands from hours of travel to extreme temperatures Crosby and Mac rely on a Kinetic Fueled nutritional diet and supplements.

With all success in team sports this team has had to mature through some heartbreaking learning curves early-on, but with continued determination and hard work Seth and Crosby ni early 2022 reached a pinnacle in there quest and have earned the honor as 2022 and 2023 #1 Big Air Yellow Labrador in the World.

Crosby is also a Sonic Titled Dog in Speed Retrieve, meaning Run Jump and Swim a 58' Drag Race in under 6 seconds. Make sure to follow Seth, Crosby and Mac as they hope to see you in the Field and on the Dock.