Land Manager & Pro Dog Trainer

Terry Chastain, Jr.


Terry is a 3rd generation dog man who grew up on Melrose Plantation and Lake Iamonia learning the woods, birddogs, field trials, and Retrievers from his father. He won his first trial, 1st place, in 2000 at ten years old at the Old Atlanta FTC Amateur Shooting Dog. He placed in his first open stake, 2nd place, at the GA-FL Invitational FTC Open Shooting Dog in 2002. He has since won, placed and judged in American Field open shooting dog and open derby stakes in Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

In addition to competing, Terry manages land and trains and hunts Pointers, Setters, and Labs for hunting wild quail for a private plantation in southwest Georgia. He also trains Labrador Retrievers for the hunting wagon and waterfowl. He has a wife, Erin, and two sons, Terry James and Joe.