Qualified individuals or businesses can register for the Kinetic Premier Club Program by completing the following Registration Form. Prospective Members must complete the following registration in order to qualify for the program and redeem points for rewards.

Program Eligibility

  • You must live in the U.S. and provide ongoing care for 5 or more adult dogs.
  • You must be a professional dog breeder, trainer, handler or sport competitor.
  • Only one membership, in a single individual’s name, is allowed per household.
  • All program compensation will be made to the named program member only.
  • Institutional organizations such as rescue groups or animal shelters are not eligible.
  • Program and membership status may be changed or terminated at any time.

Membership Agreement

  • Premier Club members will not solicit or resell receipts or invoices for dog food or supplements.
  • Redemption submissions may only be made using receipts or invoices from products purchased by the submitting Premier Club member.
  • Premier Club will not accept submission of fraudulent receipts, invoices or other proofs of purchase.

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